Paternity Testing Misconceptions

Paternity testing is the only accurate way of establishing the paternity of a child. Despite so many people carrying out paternity tests, there are still some very basic misconceptions about the test which it would make sense to clear. The below are 5 most common misconceptions explained.

Prices of paternity testing

The perception that DNA testing is expensive is wide-spread. In the past, DNA testing was far more expensive because the scientific methods available at the time were more laborious, costly and had a higher rate of failure. Today, a more accurate and cost-effective DNA testing method known as PCR is used (Polymerase chain reaction). Competition has also driven prices down.

DNA testing is inconvenient

Getting a paternity test done does not require speaking to doctors, calling clinics, making appointments and filling in tedious forms. Today, you can just type an online search on your home computer for “paternity testing” and pick from some of the most trustworthy and reputable DNA testing suppliers that come up. Online paternity tests are quicker, cheaper and will not require leaving your home at any point.

Sample collection is tedious

Nowadays, DNA samples are collected using oral swabs. Till not too long ago, blood samples where required for DNA testing but not any longer. Today, scientists can easily work with the minutest samples of genetic material. Once you have placed your order, you will be sent a home DNA test kit containing oral swabs. Follow the instructions: rub swabs inside the mouth and under the tongue for ten second and allow drying for an hour- and your DNA sample is ready for laboratory analysis. Cannot be easier!

Paternity DNA test Results may be inaccurate

If the alleged father is the biological father of a child the result will show a 99.99% probability of paternity. If the alleged father is not the biological father of the child, the probability will be 0%.

Paternity testing results take a while

Paternity test results will be at you quickly, in fact just a couple of working days. They will be sent to you with email but you can ask for a paper copy which will be sent to you in the post for a small added cost.