Paternity Testing in Ireland

EasyDNA Ireland is a leading DNA testing provider specializing in paternity testing and is based in Dublin. With easyDNA your DNA test results are ready in only 3-5 working days.  An express testing option is also available with results in just 2 working days.

Paternity Testing

Paternity testing is the most reliable means of ascertaining paternity. Paternity testing results are 99.99% accurate in cases where the alleged father is the biological dad. In a paternity test, the genetic profiles of the alleged father and child are compared to confirm if they match or not. If the tested, alleged father is the biological father of the child, the genetic profiles will be identical. Any mismatches in the genetic profiles prove that the tested man is not the biological father.

The cost of a paternity test

The cost of a home paternity test for alleged father and child is of €179.

Paternity testing can be used for legal or immigration purposes (the costs will vary depending on the type of test and the number of people involved).

easyDNA Ireland is also the first company in Ireland to offer non invasive prenatal paternity testing – a test with can be done at just 9 weeks using maternal blood samples.

DNA tests Available

A range of other DNA tests are available by easyDNA. The following are some of the main ones:

Prenatal paternity testing: EasyDNA is one of the first companies world-wide to introduce a non invasive and 100% risk free prenatal test for paternity which uses only maternal blood samples and swabs from the alleged father.

Sibling DNA testing: there are 3 main sibling tests available by easyDNA. The type of sibling test depends on the sex of the people being tested.

Grandparentage testing: this test is often used by grandparents who want to know whether they are truly related to their grandchildren. To maximize the accuracy of the test, both grandparents should be included in the test.

Infidelity testing: If you suspect cheating in your relationship, an infidelity test can help resolve your worries and doubts. Infidelity testing involves analysis of suspicious stains of genetic material to determine whether the genetic material contains male or female DNA. It can also be used to determine who that genetic material belongs to by comparing the suspicious genetic material to a genetic sample from a known person.

Baby gender testing: It is normal to feel the inclination to find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl. Some couples just hold off finding out until birth whilst other couples might opt for a baby gender test.

DNA sample collection

DNA samples are collected using oral swabs supplied in an at home kit. Oral swabs allow for a quick, easy and painless method of sample collection that can even be used for infants and children.

In cases where test participants cannot provide samples collected by oral swabs, easyDNA offers forensic testing services which means the laboratories can successfully analyze a wide range of alternative samples which include blood stains, cigarette ends, licked envelopes and toothbrushes.